Lidón Patiño

Castellón 1988


With only 7 years of age she becomes part of the Andalusian Cultural Center’s dance group in her native town where she acquires confidence on stage at such an early age. At this age, she begins her education at the elementary level, (classical dance, Spanish dance, and flamenco).
During her years of formation she combines her dance studies in other diverse performances where she acts, in which she emphasizes her intervention as a soloist with the symphonic orchestra in Castellón’s auditorium as well as her participation in Lola Ramos’s company.

Festivals and Flamenco Celebrations

  • 1st Flamenco Festival of Corral de la Morería for “La Suma Flamenca,” dancing along with Raul Ortega.
  • Castellon’s Flamenco Celebration 2010. Debuts her first show “Inquietudes”.
  • Mont de Marsan Festivall 2010 in Rafael Amargo’s “company for the show” “La difícil sencillez” (“The difficult simplicity”)
  • XI Larachí Flamenca 2011, Alameda Theater, Seville. Lidón Patiño is programmed in the cycle of New Flamenco Values. This festival was also celebrated in Paris, where she obtained a great review as well as Ankara (Turkey).
  • XIII Benicassim International Festival. She is invited as a soloist, where she presents her choreography "Paseando sola".
  • “Los Veranos del Corral” in 2011 and 2012 Corral del Carbón (Granada) sharing the programming with important flamenco artists and requested for future programming.
  • Avignon Festival 2011, France.
  • II Flamenco Festival Japan 2013 . Shares the stage with exceptional artists like Farruquito, Juan de Juan, Jesus Carmona, La Moneta, Carmen la Talegona, Luis de Luis, Soraya Clavijo, Karime Amaya and Farruco.
  • Suma Flamenca Festival Madrid 2012, presents “Remates en el interior” and in 2013 is scheduled as a soloist for the second time and debuts her show “Reflejo” in the theater Corral de Comedias de Alcala de Henares.
  • Jerez’s Flamenco Festival in 2012, Patiño Lidón show solo acts “De Flamencas” by Marco Flores and 2014 with Soraya Clavijo presents, the show “Flamenco”.
  • Seville’s Biennial Flamenco Festival 2012, as a soloist in the show “De Flamencas” by Marco Flores
  • Flamenco singing contest “Silla de oro” 2013, in La Fortuna, dances as the invited artist in Miguel Tellez’s flamenco show, “Dalearte”
  • 26 th International Flamenco Festival Alburquerque 2013, as a soloist in “De Flamencas” by Marco Flores, and giving classes during the Festival.

Flamenco Companies

As a soloist or as part of an artistic cast, Lidón Patiño has been part of very important Flamenco Companies such as:

  • “Fue en otoño” choreographed by La Truco and Angel Muñoz, in JOSÉ HUERTAS and MARTA FERNANDEZ’S company in the show “Retratos de antaño” ("Portraits of Yesteryear"), and the spectacle of the pianist Ariadna Rivas, in which debuts in the great tablao that was founded by Manolo Caracol, "Los Canasteros".
  • She has been part of LOLA GRECO’S company for the production of "La Traviata", in the La Fenice Theater in Venice.
  • In the show "De Flamencas", in MARCO FLORES’S company. Awarded with the award to the best critique in Jerez’s Flamenco Festival.
  • In CARMEN “LA TALEGONA´S”, company within the show “Quebranto”.
  • In 2009 she is the soloist artist in RAFAEL AMARGO’s company for the show “La dificil sencillez” where she shares the stage with artists such as Nacho Blanco, Manuel Molina, Pilar Távora, Juan Parrilla, Juañares and Maite Maya.
  • In March 2010, in SONIA CÁMARA’s company,, shares the stage with Pastora Vega (granddaughter of the great Pastora Imperio) in Rafael Amargo’s “Juego de damas” in Madrid’s Galileo’s Theater, and becomes part of different scheduled programs such as "Madrid en danza" and different theater networks.
    Also in the show "Puro pa ti, Puro pa mi " with Saray de los Reyes, by the hand and compass of Juan de los Reyes.
  • In 2012, dances in the show "Solos Flamenco" directed by the company MALUCOS DANZA, aside with Nino de los Reyes, Guadalupe Torres and Jesus Carmona.
  • In August in 2013 is requested by the company THE GUADALUPE ARTS COMPANY in San Antonio (Texas), to choreograph part of their next show “Alma de Mujer” as well as be part of the show as the invited artist.

Professional Training

Thanks to the scholarship project of the associations Terpsichore and Dance, she receives scholarships for several years to perform intensive courses between Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla and Jerez, of classical dance, Spanish dance, and flamenco).
Amongst those some that are of great:

  • The higher institute of dance "Alicia Alonso", taking classes with Loipa Araujo, Lienz Chang, Ana Leyte.
  • In Barcelona, under the direction of Elise Lummis, where she received classes from Heather Mcnab and Rodolfo Castellanos.

Lidón Patiño continued his training at the hands of flamenco greats, Juana Amaya, Eva “La Yerbabuena”, Rafaela Carrasco, Antonio Canales, Los Farrucos, Milagros Menjíbar, Carmen Ledesma, Manuel Liñán, Rocio Coral, Rafael Campallo, Pastora Galván, Beatriz Martin, Chiqui de Jerez, Joaquín Grilo and Isabel Bayon, amongst others.

In 2007 she obtains her title by the Professional Conservatory of Dance of Madrid. There she receives class from Conchita Cerezo, Paco Morales, Juan Manuel Carrillo, Graciela Craus and Javier Palacios and she has the opportunity to take intensive courses with flamenco artists such as Carmen Cubillo, Maria Vivó, Merche Esmeralda and Lola Greco.

At the same time she continues studying in the flamenco school “Amor de Dios” Madrid, by the hand of artists like Carmen "La Talegona", José Maya, Miguel Cañas, Cristóbal Reyes, El Güito, Inmaculada Ortega, Marco Flores, María Juncal and Alfonso Losa and amongst others.

In 2008 at Castellon’s national dance competition she obtained a position in “Ballet de Murcia”, for the scholarship "Espacio Madrid", then the audience’s award and was granted a scholarship by Javier Latorre. She then moves to Cordoba, where she received classes from Javier Latorre, Mara Martinez, Álvaro Paños, Daniel Navarro, Ara-Leo and Nuria Leiva and others.


XIX Spanish Dance and Flamenco Competition 2010. She presents The choreography "Sueño de amor" along with Cristian Perez and an extensive group of dancers, which was selected and finalist in the competition.

International Dance Contest of Almeria 2011 is awarded the First Prize in Flamenco.

Madrid’s XX Flamenco and Spanish Dance
Madrid 2011. presented with the award “Young Promise of Flamenco”.

Other Projects

“Flamenco Flatland” 2011, sponsored by Red Bull and debuted in the Palace of Gibralfaro in Malaga. Responsible for the choreographies of various shows, in which some that stand out have been held in the "Palacio de Telecomunicaciones de Madrid”, “El Circulo de Bellas Artes”… and traveling with the show abroad to countries such as Austria.

In January of 2012, Patiño Lidón travels to Barcelona to begin filming production of the musical on the life of Carmen Amaya, her playing, the leading role as, Carmen Amaya, interpreting facets of the artist in the different stages of her life.

Dances as a guest artist in one of the currently best known jazz groups “Patáx”, sharing the stage with artists such as Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Jerry González, Tomasito, Jorge Perez, Federico Lechner, Roberto Pacheco... among others.

Has given technique classes as well as create choreographies in different schools in Spain and in many other countries such as France, Belgium, Japan, U.S.… amongst others.

Flamenco Tablaos

She has worked in the tablaos like Casa Patas, Las Carboneras, Corral de la Morería, Cardamomo, Café del duende, Cantares, Corral de la Pacheca and Café de Chinitas, sharing the stage with great flamenco artists.


Currently Lidón Patiño, continues to tour with the show "From Flamenco" Marco Flores, taking the show to places such as Alburquerque (New Mexico), Israel, Finland, Portugal, and to great part of France. She also works in different tablaos and imparts classes in the prestigious Flamenco School “Amor de Dios” in Madrid.